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Actors Tatar State Academic Theatre. Kamal in "President Hotel"

Actors Tatar State Academic Theatre. Kamal in "President Hotel"

Tours of the Tatar State Academic Theatre named after Galiaskar Kamala (Kazan) with great success held from 10 to 17 September in Ufa on the stages of the Bashkir State Academic Drama Theater. Mazhit Gafuri and Ufa State Tatar Theatre "Nur".

Ufa tour of the theater have become a good tradition. In the new 110th season, the theater has presented 12 productions Residents, almost all of them have been shown for the first time in Ufa.

Among the productions touring posters - 4 premiere: Romance, dedicated to the memory of the playwright Florida Bulyakova, "Do you like, not love ..." with Ravil Sharafievym and Denmark Nurullin starring; the sensational premiere of the season, "Hodge Nasretdin" N.Isanbeta and S.Vannusa; drama "Richard III» by William Shakespeare's famous play and the audience favorite comedy "Mәhәbbәt FM» Ilgiz Zaynieva.

Traditionally, the tour was not without spektaklya- "card" Tatar theater - "The Blue Shawl" Karim Tinchurin. Audience interest in this production continues unabated, and the play has long gained legendary status.

The command "President Hotel" to thank the staff of the Tatar State Academic Theatre named Kamala Galiaskar for the honor, their trust and wishes inexhaustible inspiration, energy and new creative achievements!

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