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Decorating business event in the "President Hotel"

Decorating business event in the "President Hotel"

Congress services in the conference rooms "President - Hotel" is first of all a unique opportunity for organizing events of various scale, level and status, from corporate meetings and training sessions to international conferences of more than 500 participants, both in the halls of the hotel, and the adjoining his territory.
We know a lot about creating a unique atmosphere in the hotel and have the best opportunities for the organization design conference rooms, reception area, entrance area, forest site flags, navigators, brendvollami, pillars, construction of the "spider", light boxes, the Table-tents, Holder , red carpet, gorgeous floral and fabric compositions.
With us, your event will be a celebration not only enjoyable, but also a landmark event in the history of the company.
Tel .: +7 903 356 50 72
E-mail: conference@presidenthotel.ru

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