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Exhibition of Vladimir Hutko in "President Hotel".

Exhibition of Vladimir Hutko in "President Hotel".

Exhibition of Vladimir Hutko

Exhibition of Vladimir Hutko in "President Hotel".
The hotel complex "President Hotel" was opened exhibition of artist Vladimir Dem'yanovich Hutko - a member of the International Federation of Artists, as well as a member of the Artists' Union of Belarus.
His paintings reflect not only the profound spiritual experiences the world of the artist, but also, in some way, his way of life. Each painting is amazing in itself, and by the impact that it has on people.
Hutko Vladimir was born and raised in Ufa, but he is known for his work not only in Bashkortostan, but also abroad. He - a reserve officer, patriot, author of many monumental sculptures glorifying the armed forces.
1989 was marked for him the fact that he began to paint landscapes. Depicted in the paintings of ponds, solar glare shining light, shadow play, performed in oils, captivate the audience and filled with harmony and love to the world. It is thanks to this work, he became a well-known artist in the Baltic States.
Today, this talented artist returned to his hometown Ufa. He continues to improve his art: paints and designs winter gardens and rock gardens.
The team of the hotel "President Hotel" to sincerely thank Vladimir Dem'yanovich Hutko for their confidence and invites all residents and guests enjoy the beautiful paintings of the artist.

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