Participants Motorcycle tours "Riga-Hong Kong" in the "President Hotel"

Participants Motorcycle tours "Riga-Hong Kong" in the "President Hotel"

In August, a team of the hotel "President Hotel" welcomed the participants of the 60-day spectacular motoputeshestviyakh. On the BMW motorcycles of foreign visitors traveling from Riga to Hong Kong, passing through the territory of Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. Mototuristy went on an exciting adventure through uncharted places, without parting with comfortable attributes of life - amazing hotel, delicious food, good company with a guide.

Equally exciting journey was organized by the Russian and American companies.

The command "President Hotel" to thank the organizers of the tour for choosing our hotel complex, and the traveler wishes a good journey, unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions!

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