"President Hotel" expands the range of foreign channels to its guests.

"President Hotel" expands the range of foreign channels to its guests.

"President Hotel" expands the range of foreign channels to its guests.

In connection with the trend of increasing the flow of foreign visitors from Asian countries, in March the launch of work on the Chinese TV channel «CCTV-4." It includes a wide range of programs, documentaries, music, news, TV series, and even programs for children. «CCTV-4" is universal in its content and addressed to Chinese citizens who are traveling, living away from home, but do not want to lose touch with the national culture and interested in the life of modern China.

The "President Hotel" has 3 broadcast satellite television in a foreign language. Among them «DW-TV», «France 24», «BBC World News». «DW-TV» in English and German - a modern channel with a worldwide reputation.

Channel «DW-TV» is clock broadcasting covering the entire planet. Every hour, a German television program replaces edition in English. The main focus is to broadcast news and information on the supply of thematic culture, travel, economy and sports. In addition, Deutsche Welle - this is the only global broadcaster, which pays particular attention to what is happening in Germany and Europe. DW-TV programs are of high quality journalism, exclusivity and cosmopolitan information.

«France 24" - the French international information channel. Program «France 24" is mostly made up of blocks of news, special reports, and press reviews. Every half hour there is broadcasting news. Also, in the broadcasting schedule - debates, interviews, analytical programs involving prominent politicians and public figures, businessmen, celebrities from the world of literature, fashion. TV channel «France 24" conveys political and economic news in Russia.

«BBC World News» is a popular international news channels «BBC», which conducts its broadcasting around the clock in English. The channel broadcasts the most relevant events of the world, expert reviews, reports and interviews, weather reports from around the world.

In addition, a core set of cable television, which consists of 62-uh cable TV channels presented the national, cultural and entertainment TV channels, broadcast transmission and News Reviews in Bashkir and Tatar. This is a music TV channel "Kura", round cultural and entertainment channel "Tugan Tel", the regional satellite television Tatarstan "TNV" and information-analytical and cultural-entertainment "Bashkir satellite channel."

The team of the hotel "President Hotel" is in step with the times and understand how the hotel requires such additional services in the hotel, as the television in their own language, high speed Internet access and why is working to expand the recruitment and improve their quality.

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