Russian pop group «Otpetyye moshenniki» in  «President Hotel».

Russian pop group «Otpetyye moshenniki» in «President Hotel».

In Ufa bar-restaurant «the Bar» club concert was the Russian pop group «Otpetyye moshenniki».

«Otpetyye moshenniki»  - one of the most exciting, recognizable and popular Russian bands whose songs are known to everyone. In the piggy bank group numerous awards, including «Golden Gramophone», «Song of the Year» and «Stopudoviy hit. » During the years of the band it was recorded 7 albums and 27 video clips filmed.

In Ufa to members of the popular group Sergei Surovenkov (Sergey Amoralov), Vyacheslav Zinurova (Tom Chaos Junior), Andrew Repnikova (Repa) hospitably opened the doors of the hotel complex «President Hotel», where guests not only rested, but also had a good time around the clock Bar «Scrooge Bar». The team wants to celebrity guests at further success in creative work and inexhaustible vitality.

Hotel «President Hotel» also thanks the staff of the restaurant group «Trend» for the trust, and wishes not to stop, to expand new horizons and realize the most courageous creative plans. We hope that our reliable partners more than once will delight the Ufa public meeting with the great artists. Thank you for making life filled with bright and joyful event.

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