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The "President Hotel" held the IV all-Russian meeting On the management of the apartment house.

The "President Hotel" held the IV all-Russian meeting On the management of the apartment house.

"President Hotel in Ufa" was the venue of the IV all-Russian meeting on the management of apartment buildings, organized by the company "Burmistr.ru " is the country's largest platform for communication of specialists in the sphere of housing and communal services.

Every year the most active forum members come to this unusual and informal event from all over Russia. This year, 240 participants from 33 regions came to the 4-day Meeting.

Due to the wide range of opportunities of the "President Hotel" for events of all sizes were involved as conference rooms in the hotel and the site in its Park. Each of the zones was decorated in military style, which created an amazing atmosphere of informal communication during the event.

Various games, competitions, team competitions and improvised shooting ranges were held in the forest Park area, and on the paving in front of the hotel was a stage and awnings for the field kitchen and the field post point.

More than 20 hours of training, a bright entertainment show program, as well as a delicious food for the participants during all 4 days, coffee breaks and a festive Banquet were held in the conference rooms for the participants.

The team of the hotel complex "President Hotel" thanks the company " Burmistr.ru " for the honor, trust and choice of our conference venues for this extraordinary event. We wish all the participants of the Meeting continued success, the rapid achievement of all the goals and the most reliable partners!

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