The bar «Scrooge bar»

Scrooge Bar is a fashionable lobby bar located at President Hotel. It is an establishment which is popular among the guests of the hotel and city dwellers. Here you can spend your leisure time as the mood takes you: be in the limelight or hide behind the high backs of the arm-chairs. Scrooge Bar is decorated with paintings created in the pop art style by Moscow artists, with designer chairs and peculiar sculptures.

The bar menu has over 25 cocktails, including signature drinks created with account taken of the peculiarities of the city's bar culture. 

In the morning you can enjoy 5 types of breakfasts from 5:00 till 11:00 (from 5 till 11 a.m.), in the afternoon business lunches are served to the music played on the grand piano.

Breakfasts are served every day from 5:00 till 11:00 (from 5 till 11 a.m.)

Business lunches are served on working days (Monday - Friday) from 12:00 till 15:30 (from 12 till 3:30 p.m.)



Free wi-fi

Address: Avrora St., 2, President Hotel; phone for booking of tables: +7(347)246-21-81

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